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Canwest Media and Advertising

Who We Are

Canwest Media is a advertising agency established to create an economical platform for businesses, entrepreneurs and organizations in reaching out to a wider audience that will make an immediate impact on their branding , sales and awareness.


Canwest Media Management Team

Canwest Media is composed of four (4) departments namely

Content department

Graphics/Creative department

Marketing and Administrative department

Advertisement and Outdoor department

Why our clients work with us.

We are not your typical agency; we are a team of seasoned, business-savvy professionals who recognize that your business’s primary goal is to generate sales and build your brand.


At Canwest Media, we excel at delivering swift results, strategic insights, and cost-effective solutions. We fully immerse ourselves in our clients’ businesses and industries, sharing the same vision to achieve mutual goals. Moreover, we leverage our extensive experience in advertising for various medium and large-scale businesses across digital and traditional media to implement best practices.


Our mission, vision and values guides our every day actions as individuals and as a company

To provide innovative and effective integrated brand marketing and advertising solutions which help our clients grow their businesses and realize their marketing goals.

To harness the opportunity provided with the internet and expansion of technology in changing the ways or fixed ideas in which businesses are carried out and to create a better everyday life and improved economic platform for businesses, enterprenuers and organizations.

Delivering results- oriented strategic digital , brand marketing programs and advertisement campaigns that enhance our clients awareness , improve their sales and foster their growth.

We believe success will come only by offering customers the very best service,strategies,quality and value

Our blue print core values below reflect who we are and what we stand as a company

Our commitment to our clients is deeply imbedded in our corporate culture ,we foster a relationship that makes a positive impact in our customers lives, we go above and beyond to proof i

We provide outstanding marketing strategies and unsurpassed service that together deliver premium value to our clients

We uphold the highest standard of integrity in all our actions

We work together,across boundaries to meet the needs of our clients and help our clients win

We value our people,encourage their developments and go through their business exposure strategies with them

We are good citizens who believe in the country and community where we live and work

Pure and simple, that’s what we and our clients care about the most,award winning creativity but tangible results are better and a plus for us, we strive for both.

To be the leading business to business media company by making use of opportunities in the ever increasing market audience imbedded in the new world era.

Creative charts


The team at Canwest Media have been able to complete over 870 project

Digital Marketing

We have been able to satisfy over 350 clients


Canwest media has over 285 reviews across different platforms.