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We are an Advertising Agency specializing in strategic media planning, buying and analytics for measurable impact, branding and design, and  brand activations.
Our services encompass a wide range of TV, Radio and Outdoor platforms.


Powerful messages and ingenious concepts are the core of our thinking for every client. We service a wide range of B2B and B2C clients, each requiring a specialized viewpoint and strategy in order to achieve their goals. Our creative strategy team brainstorm regularly and bring new ideas to life for each of our clients. We set trends and hardly use templates or follow the standard industry model.


We run integrated campaigns for clients across different media and audience consumption changes constantly, so it has become more important to measure how audience evolves with media, which is determined by certain demographics and other factors. This will help in defining the type of media that's actually been consumed, so as to give advertisers, broadcasters and content owners a true understanding respective media channel and to help them optimize their marketing strategies


We plan the entire ad campaign for our clients and develop a strategic research on behalf of our clients to better represent them in the most appropriate manner. Hitherto, after analyzing the client's products, its SWOT analysis, competitors, market conditions, etc our team of advertising experts develop a result-oriented and goal-getting advertising-plan. We help our clients to select proper media platforms to promote their advertisement effectively through the right media platform, medium and audience while we negotiate economically and purchase media services such as radio, TV, bill- board and all other form of traditional media on behalf of our clients, ensuring the best value and ROI.


We nurture and guide all types of business from business plan development, inception to maturity with our series of business strategies that suit the business environment and make it appealing to the target audience while ensuring the nurturing stage and period of the business is not exceeded. Our team of business developers and consultants ensure all essential administrative, marketing and sales strategies are been applied with appropriate deliverables timeline


We render Public Relations (PR) services for our clients. This increases the goodwill between our clients and other parties like consumers, employees, middlemen, shareholders, etc. It also targets to maintain good relations between clients and media owners


We perform innovative sales promotion and through professionalism we help clients carve a market nitch to influence sales promotion for the dealers and consumers. This helps to increase and boost the sales of their products/services be- cause our core objective here is to drive sales, eliminate roadblocks and take businesses of our prospective clients beyond expectation.
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